XDAO And BNB Chain Quest NFT Drop Quiz Answer

XDAO and BNB Chain have joined forces to create an exciting NFT Drop Quiz. This is a one-of-a-kind chance for blockchain fans. This partnership marks the start of a new era in digital goods and decentralized banking.

 Chapter 1


Earn Up To 500$
1. Sabse pahale join link par click karke join the Quest par click kare 

2. Fir connect wallet par click kare.


3. Fir I read and accepted par click kare.


4. Uske bad wallet connect par click kare 


5. Uske bad connect par click kare 


6. Uske baad trust wallet ya koi wallet select kare


7. Uske bad connect par click kare 


8. Uske bad 3 line par click kare 

9. Uske bad Quest par click kare 


10. Uske bad play par click kare.



11. Uske bad find the robot par click kare 


12. Uske bad follow Lynn par click kare 


13. Uske bad Insert Code Name me DAO Dale. Fir get inside the Tower par click kare 


14. Uske bad meet the dao par click kare 

15. Uske bad take the Test par click kare 


15. Sabhi Quiz ka Ans dekar finish the Chapter par click kare 


Quest Quiz Answers:
Q.1. Why do we need DAOs?
 Answer : All of the above
Q.2. Is it safer to keep funds on a DAO instead of a personal wallet?
Answer : Option A ( It’s safer because the DAO is managed by more than one person. If a wallet is compromised and a hacker wants to withdraw funds from the DAO, the other participants will not confirm this transaction, knowing that the wallet is compromised.)
Q.3. What is an investment DAO?
 Answer : Option C (It is a DAO that carries out investment activities using the capital of participants and outside investors.)
Note:- Total 6 Quest Aayenge aur total 180 point score karna hoga Quiz Answer se the NFT Milegi Jisse Achha profit bna skte h ham

Chapter 2 Coming Soon 


In summary, the XDAO and BNB Chain Quest NFT Drop Quiz is a testament to the innovative approaches in the blockchain space, offering a blend of education, engagement, and exclusive rewards.

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