Safepal Wallet GiftBox Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Safepal, a company well known for creating secure and simple-to-use cryptocurrency wallets, created the GiftBox Learn and Earn Quiz. This creative program is meant to teach people about Safepal and give them rewards for doing so.

Reward:– 5000 Luckystar NFT

How to Participate :- 

1. Open Safepal Wallet & click DApp Option Then Click Offer Banner 

2. Click Offer Banner

3. Click Quiz Option 

4. Click Take Quiz 

Safepal Wallet GiftBox Learn And Earn Quiz Answer 

 1. What is not true about LuckyStar?

Ans:- Users need to use their email address to register on

2. What is the quantity of total issued LuckyStar NFT?

Ans:- 9999

3. What is true about withdrawing $USDT from LuckyStar to your own wallet?

Ans:- Users can withdraw $USDT any time to their own wallet without paying any extra fees, and the whole process is fully anonymous.

4. What network does LuckyStar currently support?

Ans:- Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

5. How many levels does LuckyStar NFT have?

Ans:- 5

6. Choose the valid LuckyStar referee below.

Ans:- My friend who first used my referral link to connect on LuckyStar, and play the $10 lucky pool, and the pool raffles.

7. What is LuckyStar?

Ans:- A blockchain-based raffle game

8. where is the winning code generated from?

Ans:- from two different blockchains


In conclusion, the Safepal Wallet GiftBox Learn and Earn Quiz is a unique step forward in the cryptocurrency space. It gives users the chance to learn more while earning real prizes, which makes the crypto community smarter and safer.

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