MEXC Globle Learn And Earn Quiz Answer Share 1500 USDT MX

MEXC Globle Learn And Earn Quiz Answer Share 1500 USDT MX

Limited seats, first come, first served!

Complete the gleam tasks below to participate in lucky draw. Watch MEXC videos on MEXC’s YouTube Channel and find the answers to 3 questions. Provide your answers via gleam.

Total Reward:- 1500$ Worth MX
2022.12.30 10:00 – 2023.1.03 10:00 (UTC)

Reward distribution rules:

1. Ranked by Entries, TOP 1 will get $100 MX, TOP 2 will get $70 MX, and TOP 3-5 will get $50 MX each.

2. 118 lucky users will be randomly selected from those who have completed the gleam tasks, each will get $10 MX.

How to Participate:-

 Complete the gleam all tasks

1.Follow twitter

2.Twitter Retweet

3.Join Telegram

4.Join Discord

5.Submit Mexc Exchange UID

6.Submit Quiz Answer


Task:- Click Here

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MEXC Globle MX Learn And Earn Quiz Answer 

Q.1. According to MX 2.0, we will commit :
Ans:-  A. 40% of the profits on MEXC will be used to buy back and burn the MX Token

Q.2. MEXC updated its brand color to?
Ans:-  B. Ocean Blue

Q.3. MEXC serves over 10 million users worldwide with the philosophy of ?
Ans:-  A. The Most Ultimate Trading Experienc

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