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OKEx is another popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a Learn & Earn program for its users. By taking part in quizzes and educational activities, users can increase their knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and trading strategies. The OKEx Learn & Earn program has a vast range of resources, including articles, videos, webinars and interactive quizzes. Learn & E arn These resources are designed to make learning about cryptocurrencies fun and engaging while helping users to make informed trading decisions in the future. As users learn, they can earn rewards such as OKB tokens, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies

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OKK Exchange ZBC Quiz Answer

Q 1. What is the primary focus of Zebec’s payroll solution on blockchain rails?*

Ans:- a. Real-time payment streamingQ

2. What is the core product offered by Zebec for real-time payments to employees?

Ans:- a. Zebec Payroll

Q3. How is the Zebec Foundation related to Nautilus?

Ans:- b. Zebec Foundation launched Nautilus

Q4. What are the main advantages of Nautilus as a modular Layer 3* chain for Zebec’s needs?

Ans:- e. A and B

Q5. How does Nautilus plan to facilitate continuous transaction settlement at scale?

Ans:- a. By using EVM with solidity smart contracts

Q6. Operation Horizon is an initiative launched by Zebec Protocol to redefine how blockchain-based payments are conceptualized, bringing innovations that integrate seamlessly with the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Ans:- a. True

Q7. Zebec offers numerous benefits by minimizing the challenges and costs associated with managing distributed teams. This, in turn, leads to significant savings in terms of both time and money.

Ans:- a. True

Q8. What is the Nautilus Transaction Per Second (TPS)?

Ans:- b. The TPS is 2,000

Q 9. Zebec Card is the world’s first card connected to a real-time payroll *1/1 engine, allowing those enrolled in Zebec Pay to spend their crypto pay, as it’s earned

Ans:- a. True


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