Lbank PSUB Learn And Earn Quiz Answer | $6,000 PUSB Token Q&A Airdrop

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Lbank learn and earn

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Lbank quiz and answers


Q1. What is the official main page of PsuB project?

Ans: – (page for Explanation)

Q2. What does PsuB token means?

Ans: Payment Swap Utility Board

Q3.PsuB token is pronounced [pisʃbi:], it’s a compound word, What is the origin of this?

Ans: Pixiu, China’s wealth god and DuggupBI, name of the toad in Korea

Q4.What are the two key business models of the PsuB project? (select two answer)

Ans: Payment
Utility NFT

Q5. What solutions did PsuB project offer to the problem of fixed value volatility and lack of price guarantee in the existing payment system? (selct two answer)

Ans: Issued payment guarantee from a financial institution
1:1 conversion to PsuB token between Shubi Point

Q6. When will PsuB Token L-Bank be listed (Started Trading Time)?

Ans: August 1st at 15:00 (UTC+9)

Q7.What is the name of online closed mall managed by PsuB Foundation?

Ans: Gasimbi – (Korean online shopping mall)

Q8. What is the name of NFT Market Place managed by PsuB Foundation?

Q9.PsuB tokens are based on which Mainnet? 

Ans: Klaytn Network

Q10.Where is ‘The Next Step’ exchange listing soon for PsuB project plans?

Ans: within Top 5 exchange CoinMarketCap Ranked

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