LBank Exchange NIMB Learn Earn Quiz Answer : share $6,000 NIMB Token

The NIMB Learn and Earn Quiz is an interesting teaching effort from LBank Exchange, a big name in the bitcoin market. The goal of this project is to teach people about NIMB and give them prizes for doing so.

Total Price Pool: $6,000 NIMB Token

Winners: 100  (60$ Each Winner)

Time: 17 jan 2023, 12:00UTC- 24 jan 2023 12:00 UTC

How To participate

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2.  Submit All Quiz Ans Click here

3. Rule: Anyone who participates in answering questions and scores no less than 80 points (including 80 points) will have the opportunity to share $6,000 NIMB  , and LBank will randomly select 100 lucky user

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LBank Exchange NIMB Learn Earn Quiz Answer 

 Q1. In which country Nimbus is registered and has a government license to operate?

Ans:- The Kingdom of Bahrain

Q2. What is the Total Supply of NIMB Tokens?

Ans:- The emission limit of 10,000,000,000 NIMB tokens

Q3. How many members does the Nimbus community have?

Ans:- Nimbus has a combined core community of more than 900,000 members across the globe

Q4. What is NIMB’s fully diluted market cap?

Ans:- NIMB has a fully diluted market cap of 8 million USD.

Q5. How long has Nimbus been around?

Ans:- Nimbus has been around since 2021

Q6. Is Nimbus Audited? And how many times that Nimbus Audited?

Ans:- Yes, Nimbus has been audited 29 times since 2020

Q7. Why Stake on the Nimbus Platform?

Ans:- It’s fast, easy, and gives you up to 60% APR.

Q8. What purpose does the Nimbus Smart Staker n-NFT serve?

Ans:- Diversification. 70% of the token is distributed equally into two Soft Staking pools that give you a fixed 60% APY. The other 30% is delegated to LP Staking CAKE-BNB, giving you up to 40% APR

Q9. Is Nimbus regulated?

Ans:- Yes, Nimbus Platform is the first globally regulated DeFi institution under a central bank’s supervision

Q10. What is the advantage of Liquidity Providing and LP Staking?

Ans:- Nimbus liquidity providers can join LP Staking to receive 35% APR which is one of the highest APRs in DeFi


In conclusion, the LBank Exchange NIMB Learn Earn Quiz is a creative way to combine learning with earning in the cryptocurrency world. It gives users a one-of-a-kind chance to learn more about NIMB while also getting real benefits.

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