Lbank $BKPT Quiz Answer | BKPT Time-Limited Q&A Airdrop From Lbank

LBank BKPT Time-Limited Q&A Airdrop, the details are as follows:

Anyone who participates in answering questions and scores no less than 80 points (including 80 points) will have the opportunity to share $6,000 in tokens, and LBank will randomly select 300 lucky users

ANSWER 10 QUESTIONS TO SHARE $6000 IN $bkpt (928,850 $BKPT)


  • Open This Google FORM
  • Complete Quiz (ANSWERS BELOW)
  • Submit Lbank User Id  (eg. LBA9C***04)
  • Submit Lbank Email Or Phone No. (Important)

Quiz Answers

Q1:What percentage of the trading fee revenue will be reserved for token burn, takaful Insurance, and reserves?


Q2:How frequently will the token burn occur according to the Biokript’s Token Burn Mechanism? 


Q3:What percentage of trading fee revenues will be set aside for token burn in order to create scarcity?


Q4:How does the Microsoft partnership empower Biokript to stay ahead in the blockchain industry?

ANS:By providing access to cutting-edge technologies and expert guidance

Q5:What advantages does Biokript gain from its partnership with Microsoft?

ANS:Cost savings in software infrastructure development

Q6:Why is lending in DeFi considered unacceptable in Islam?

ANS:It involves a form of profit-sharing.

Q7:What is a key requirement for Liquidity Mining to be considered Shariah compliant?

ANS:LPs must bear the risk of market fluctuations and share in the pool’s earnings

Q8:How does Biokript ensure that its liquidity pool tokens conform to Islamic guidelines?


Q9:How are profits distributed to investors based on the number of tokens they hold, as described in the passage?

ANS:Proportionally based on their token holdings

Q10:In the example provided, if there were 500,000,000 tokens in circulation and weekly trading revenues of $200,000, how much would an investor earn for each Biokript token they hold?

ANS:$0.00004 worth of Biokript tokens

How to find lbank id?


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