Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer | Kucoin Bware Listing Campaign: $50,000 in INFRA To Be Won

Kucoin’s INFRA Learn and Earn program is a one-of-a-kind chance for crypto fans to learn about the INFRA token and get prizes at the same time. This project mixes learning with the chance to make money, which makes it appealing to both new and experienced crypto users.

What is the “Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer”?  

A Quick Look at the Program

Kucoin, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has a program called INFRA Learn and Earn that helps its users learn about the INFRA token. This program is part of Kucoin’s larger effort to teach people about cryptocurrencies.

Format and Rewards for Quizzes

The quiz has multiple-choice questions that test how much people know about INFRA. People who give the right answer have a chance to win rewards in the form of INFRA tokens, which will make their crypto trip more valuable.

Effects on Education

This program is very important for getting people to know about and understand the INFRA coin. It makes people want to learn and do study, which makes the crypto community smarter.

Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer | Kucoin Bware Listing Campaign: $50,000 in INFRA To Be Won

Campaign Period: 10:00 on May 30, 2023 to 10:00 on June 6, 2023 (UTC)

Rewaed: $8,000 Worth INFRA 

Total Winner: 1,000 lucky users 

Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Q1. What is Blast? 

Ans: Blast is a Decentralized API protocol and the flagship product of Bware Labs

Q2. How does Blast differentiate itself from other Blockchain API providers? 

Ans: By offering centralized infrastructure with high performance and low prices

Q3. What’s the name of the Blast Support channel in the Bware-Labs discord? 

Ans: blast-api-support

Q4. Which of the following statements is true about the $INFRA tokenomics?

Ans: One-year cliff and 1.5-year linear daily vesting for Seed Round, Series A Round, and Advisors and Incentived Testnet.

Q5. What is the vesting schedule for the Bware Labs team and core contributors? 

Ans: One-year cliff and 3-year linear daily vesting

Q6. What is the circulating supply of SINFRA tokens at TGE and what is the fixed total supply?

Ans: 3,855,000 INFRA circulating supply and 100,000,000 INFRA fixed total supply

Q7. How are rewards distributed to staking pools and delegators in the Blast protocol?

Ans: Rewards are distributed based on each node’s performance and the number of INFRA tokens that the node operators and their delegators staked.

Q8. What can holders do to triple their $INFRA tokens after the listing?

Ans: By staking tokens on the Blast platform and participating in the “Race towards 1 million $INFRA staking contest”

Q9. On which chain can INFRA tokens be delegated or staked within Blast?

Ans: Ethereum

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To sum up, the Kucoin INFRA Learn and Earn Quiz is a creative way to mix learning with the chance to make money in the crypto world. The INFRA coin not only encourages learning, but it also makes users more interested in the project.

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