Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer | Kucoin Bware Listing Campaign: $50,000 in INFRA To Be Won

 Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer | Kucoin Bware Listing Campaign: $50,000 in INFRA To Be Won

Campaign Period: 10:00 on May 30, 2023 to 10:00 on June 6, 2023 (UTC)

Rewaed: $8,000 Worth INFRA 

Total Winner: 1,000 lucky users 

Kucoin INFRA Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Q1. What is Blast? 

Ans: Blast is a Decentralized API protocol and the flagship product of Bware Labs

Q2. How does Blast differentiate itself from other Blockchain API providers? 

Ans: By offering centralized infrastructure with high performance and low prices

Q3. What’s the name of the Blast Support channel in the Bware-Labs discord? 

Ans: blast-api-support

Q4. Which of the following statements is true about the $INFRA tokenomics?

Ans: One-year cliff and 1.5-year linear daily vesting for Seed Round, Series A Round, and Advisors and Incentived Testnet.

Q5. What is the vesting schedule for the Bware Labs team and core contributors? 

Ans: One-year cliff and 3-year linear daily vesting

Q6. What is the circulating supply of SINFRA tokens at TGE and what is the fixed total supply?

Ans: 3,855,000 INFRA circulating supply and 100,000,000 INFRA fixed total supply

Q7. How are rewards distributed to staking pools and delegators in the Blast protocol?

Ans: Rewards are distributed based on each node’s performance and the number of INFRA tokens that the node operators and their delegators staked.

Q8. What can holders do to triple their $INFRA tokens after the listing?

Ans: By staking tokens on the Blast platform and participating in the “Race towards 1 million $INFRA staking contest”

Q9. On which chain can INFRA tokens be delegated or staked within Blast?

Ans: Ethereum

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