Kucoin DeRace Master Gaming, Quiz Answer Win a Share of $10,000 in DERC

The DeRace Master Gaming experience is a new and interesting part of blockchain gaming that Kucoin and DeRace worked together to create. This project brings together the excitement of games and the cutting-edge technology of cryptocurrencies.

 DERC x Kucoin Airdrop 

  •  Reward: $10,000 DERC
  •  Winners: For all user 
  •  End Date: 19th October 

Please Follow these Steps:-

  1.  Open Gleam Link 
  2.  Complete All Gleam Tasks 
  3. Follow Twitter 
  4. Join Telegram 
  5.  Submit Your Details  
  6.  Enter KuCoin UID


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Kucoin DERC Quiz Answers

Q.1. What is DeRace?

Answer:- NFT horse racing metaverse based on blockchain and powered by DERC token

Q.2. What features can players enjoy in the DeRace metaverse?

Answer:- All above

Q.3. Which year & month DERC token launched?

Answer:- 2021, August

Q.4. When did DeRace launch its beta platform?

Answer:- December, 2021

Q.5. How many DeRace NFTs are there and what are they?

Answer:- 3 different NFTs currently: DeRace Horses, Liquid Love and DeRace Jockey Club NFTs.

Q.6. How many hippodromes are there currently in the DeRace metaverse?

Answer:- 3


To sum up, Kucoin DeRace Master Gaming is a groundbreaking project that shows how gaming and blockchain technology can work together to create a unique and fun platform for crypto fans and gamers alike.

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