Huobi × UniLend Finance: 14,290 $UFT, Learn and Earn (Question and Answers).

Huobi ×  UniLend Finance: 14,290 $UFT, Learn and Earn (Question and Answers).

  • Price pool:- 14,290 $UFT. 🥳
  • Trade (Buy + Sell) Minimum $50 worth of $UFT
  • Event Trading period:- 08:00 Oct 3 – 08:00 Oct 10 (UTC)

Tasks Full Processes:- 

Winners who answer all questions correctly and trade $50 worth of UFT token will be selected to share the rewards! rewards ka daava karane ke liye 11 Oct se pahale KYC satyaapit karana na bhoolen.

Yogy maane jaane ke liye Scores 100% sahee hona chahiye. jitani baar aap paas karana chahate hai utani baar quiz le.

Participate Process:-

  1. Trade $50 UFT in Huobi Global.
  2. Follow:-@HuobiGlobal, @UniLend_Finance.
  3. Twitter post ko pehle 3 Friends Ko Tag Karke fir Retweet kare.
  4. Share this quiz with other communities (matlab Quiz Google Form ko kisi bhi social media par post karke share link Google form me fill krna hai)

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Huobi ×  UniLend Finance & Earn PUSH Quiz (Questions&Answers)

Q1.What kind of pools can be created on UniLend v2?

Answer 1. Dual-asset Lending & Borrowing pools

Q2.What trading pair is available on Huobi Global Exchange?

Answer 2. UFT/USDT

Q3.Which of the following type of tokens can be lent and borrowed on UniLend v2?

Answer 3. All ERC-20 assets

Q4.Which features UniLend v2 is bringing?

Answer 4. All of the above

Q5.How UniLend v2 is incentivizing lenders in dual asset pools?

Answer 5. Dynamic interest rate mode

Q6.How many ecosystem partners does UniLend have?

Answer 6. More than 100

Q7.UniLend v2 will implement ___ as a certificate of equities,

Answer 7. NFTs

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