Gate io Summer P2P Quiz Answer

Anyone Who Participates In Answering Questions And Scores No Less Than 80 Points (Including 80 Points) Will Have The Opportunity To Share $6,000 In Tokens

⏰ Q&A time: Sept.26 – Oct.3, 8:00 UTC

Gate io Learn And Earn

Gate io Learn and Earn initiative aims to enrich users’ understanding of blockchain technology, trading tactics, cryptocurrencies, and other valuable educational material. By participating in quizzes and assessments, users can not only improve their knowledge but also receive rewards on the Gate io platform as they learn. This program is a unique opportunity for users to benefit from educational resources and earn rewards simultaneously.

How To Participate

1.Open quiz Link & complete All gleam Task

2.Submit Gate io Exchange UID From Profile Section

3. Enter All Quiz Answer

4. Click Sign Up To Our Latest P2P Campaigns & Click Register

Reward: 1 USDT

Event End: in 3Days

Quiz Link : Click Here

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Gate io Summer P2P Quiz Answer

Q1. How many Typs of fiats currencies are avilable on gate io P2P ?

Ans: 36

Q2. What makes Gate P2P special?

Ans: Zero Fees
Comprehensive risk control system
The most experienced merchants have blue v badges

Q3. Where can the users trade by P2P?

Ans: Web


Gate io learn and earn courses to increase their knowledge about trading and cryptocurrencies. This can lead to more informed decisions and potentially increase their profitability. Overall, it is a great opportunity for users to educate themselves and participate in the crypto space

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