End of Year Phaverite Quiz Answer | Phaver app

The Phaver app is known for having interesting community-driven material. At the end of the year, it has a fun “End of Year Phaverite Quiz.” This quiz shows how dedicated the app is to making learning and interaction fun for its users.

Reward: Free OAT 

First come First Serve Event

How To Participate:-

1. sabse pahale Phaver App ko Download kare aur account banaye

2. Refer Code me Onlinesupport dale.

3. Niche diye gaye Google ko fill kare

(jisame quiz ke sath apna phaver app username & binance smart chain address trust wallet or metamask se dale) 

4. usake bad galxe link se kiwi or yendex browser se sabhi task ko compelete kare 

5. task compelete ke bad OAT claim kare

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Google Form:- Click Here

Galxe OAT:- Click here

Discord:- Click Here 

End of Year Phaverite Quiz  Answer | Phaver app Quiz Answer

Q.1) What is Phaver?

Ans:-  a) A web3 social media app that is built on Lens Protocol

Q.2) What is Lens?

Ans:-  c) Lens, Created by the Aave team is a web3 social protocol – an “Open Social Graph”

Q. 3) What does a Lens profile do?

Ans:- b) Connecting a Lens profile enables posts made via Phaver to be posted on-chain

Q.4) What is staking on the Phaver App?

Ans:-  c) Both a) and b) are correct

Q.5) What is a premium post?

Ans:-  d) All of the above

Q.6) How can I sort the order of posts on my feed?

Ans:-  b) You can choose to filter by; recommended, latest, most upvoted or most mirrored – by clicking on the clock icon in top right of your screen

Q.7) What is the utility of connecting an NFT on Phaver?

Ans:-  d) All of the above

Q.8) What is Lens collect?

Ans:-  b) Lens collect makes the post a collectable NFT item. Collecting a post as an NFT allows the collector to mint the NFT to their connected wallet

How To Earn Phaver App | Phaver App Se Paise kaise kamaye


In conclusion, the End of Year Phaverite Quiz on the Phaver app is a great idea that mixes learning, fun, and building community. It shows how the app’s unique approach to user participation really shines through.

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