CoinMarketCap DeFiChain Learn And Earn Quiz Answer & Earn $150,000 worth of $DFI

DeFiChain Learn And Earn Quiz Answer & Earn $150,000 worth of $DFI Token

Total Price Pool: $150,000

Reward: 10k Random Winner (14.5$ worth DFI each winner)

Date: Feb 10th, 2023 (12:00 PM UTC) to March 11th, 2023 (11:59:59 PM UTC)

Binance: click here

Coinmarketcap: click here

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How To Participate: 

1. open Quiz link & click start

2. verify Captcha

3. enter coinmarketcap ragister email id

4. enter Binance user id

5. select yes

6. select i Agree…….

CoinMarketCap DeFiChain Quiz Answer

Q.DeFiChain is built on …?

Ans : Bitcoin

Q.What makes building on Bitcoin special?

Ans : It adds security to the blockchain because of it being non-turing complete

Q.How much Total Value locked does DeFiChain have? 

Ans : $200M

Q.What are dAssets?

Ans : Synthetic tokens that mimic the value of real-world assets like e.g. stocks

Q.What kind of DeFi applications does the DeFiChain DEX offer?

Ans : Trading, Loans, Liquidity mining, Minting of dAssets

Q.What is DeFi Meta Chain?

Ans : A sidechain..

Q.What can you do with $DFI?

Ans : 1,2,3 (all)

Q.What is minting?

Ans : A process that is needed to keep..

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