CoinDCX $USDC Quiz Answers: Earn ₹500 Worth USDC Free

CoinDCX $USDC Quiz Answers: Earn ₹500 Worth USDC Free

Price Pool: Rs. 1,00,000 Worth USDC

Winner: 200 winners will get the chance to win USDC tokens worth INR 500

Winner Announcement: Within 7Days

How To Particiate:

1. open coindcx exchange

2. view home page USDC Learn and Earn banner

3. click and submit quiz answer

4. Done

Coindcx USDC quiz answer

Q.1 Each $USDC is backed by US Dollar stored in the form of?

Ans: Cash reserves + us treasury bonds

Q.2 Circle’s APIs help you make payments in ?

Ans: In USDC

Q.3 How is USDC’s multi-chain transfer beneficial?

 Ans: Transfer takes lower fees and transparent

Q.4 What is one of the long term goals of USDC ?

Ans: Facilitate dapps and service provider payment 

Q.5 What is the market cap of $USDC and total tokens in supply ? ( as of Feb ’23)

Ans: 42.4 billion & 42.4 billion token

Q.6 When was the upgrade to enhance & popularise $USDC in daily commerce announced?

Ans: In 2020

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