CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz Answers: Earn ₹500 Worth TLOS Free

 CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz Answers: Earn ₹500 Worth TLOS Free

Price Pool: Rs. 2,00,000 Worth TLOS 

Winner: 400 winners will get the chance to win TLOS tokens worth INR 500

Winner Announcement: Within 7Days

How To Particiate:

1. open coindcx exchange

2. view home page TLOS Learn and Earn banner

3. click and submit quiz answer

4. Done

Coindcx TLOS quiz answer

Q.1Telos is a/an ____compatible blockchain.

Ans:- EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

Q.2.What is a T-starter?
Ans:- It’s a platform to discover all projects built on the Telos network.

Q.3.Telos is capable of carrying out___ TPS (Transaction per second).
Ans:- 10,000

Q.4.What is a unique feature of staking $TLOS token?
Ans:- Staking a percentage of the total $TLOS unlocks as much network resources.

Q.5.Standard transactions on Telos network like buying and selling are___?
Ans:- Done almost without fees.

Q.6.Telos token holders can lease their non-utilised resources?
Ans:- True, they can lease resources to developers and earn from it.

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