CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz Answers: Earn ₹500 Worth TLOS Free

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Overview of CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz

The CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz is part of the CoinDCX Learn & Earn series. People who take it have the chance to win 500 TLOS coins. The goal of this project is to reward people who take part in learning about the Telos blockchain and its features.

Price Pool: Rs. 2,00,000 Worth TLOS 

Winner: 400 winners will get the chance to win TLOS tokens worth INR 500

Winner Announcement: Within 7Days

How To Particiate:

1. open coindcx exchange

2. view home page TLOS Learn and Earn banner

3. click and submit quiz answer

4. Done

Coindcx TLOS quiz answer

Q.1Telos is a/an ____compatible blockchain.

Ans:- EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

Q.2.What is a T-starter?
Ans:- It’s a platform to discover all projects built on the Telos network.

Q.3.Telos is capable of carrying out___ TPS (Transaction per second).
Ans:- 10,000

Q.4.What is a unique feature of staking $TLOS token?
Ans:- Staking a percentage of the total $TLOS unlocks as much network resources.

Q.5.Standard transactions on Telos network like buying and selling are___?
Ans:- Done almost without fees.

Q.6.Telos token holders can lease their non-utilised resources?
Ans:- True, they can lease resources to developers and earn from it.


Cryptocurrency fans can learn a lot about the Telos blockchain and win prizes at the same time with the CoinDCX $TLOS Quiz. People from all walks of life can take the quiz because it is easy to understand.

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