Bitmart ALPH Learn to Earn Quiz Answer || BitMart ALPH Learn to Earn Airdrop

The quiz is structured around various aspects of Alephium, a blockchain platform, and other related cryptocurrency concepts. Participants are required to learn about these topics and answer quiz questions to earn rewards. The questions in the quiz are designed to test the users’ understanding of Alephium’s technology, features, and developments.

Reward and Participation

Users usually have to do certain things in order to take the quiz, such as following BitMart on social media, joining their Telegram group, retweeting posts, and filling out a form with their results. ALPH tokens could be one of the benefits of good involvement.

The focus of BitMart is on education.

BitMart’s Learn to Earn program, which includes this quiz, shows how dedicated the company is to fusing learning with user participation. There are quizzes and new features in the program, such as Stamp NFTs, which can be won by taking part in online AMAs and other learning events. You can exchange these NFTs for prizes, which makes learning more fun.

Bitmart ALPH Learn to Earn Quiz Answer : BitMart ALPH Learn to Earn Airdrop 

Winners: 2500 Lucky Winners 

Reward: 6.25 Alpha Each

Date: Enter By 3:00PM UTC 19April

How To Participate:

1.Complete Twitter task: Click Here

  • Twitter Account Follow
  • Join telegram 
  • Twitter post Quots Retweet & Take Screenshot

2. Fill Form: Click Here

  • Submit Bitmart Exchange UID
  • Submit Twitter Username
  • Submit Retweet Screenshot
  • Fill Quiz Answer

Bitmart  Alpha Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Q1. What is Alephium?

Ans: A novel sharded blockchain scaling and enhancing PoW & UTXO concepts to deliver a high-performance and dev-friendly network optimized for smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Q2. When was Alephium’s mainnet launched ?

Ans: November 8th, 2021

Q3. Why is Alephium Genesis block is dated 03/01/2009 19:15:05?

Ans:  To honor Bitcoin’s Genesis block

Q4. Which of the following statements accurately describes Alephium’s sharding technology?

Ans: All of the above.

Q 5. You can run an Alephium node on a Raspberry Pi

Ans: True

Q6. How does Alephium’s Proof of Less Work consensus algorithm affect the network energy consumption?

Ans: Past a certain hashrate, It allows for partial internalization of mining costs by burning coin upfront, reducing by almost 90% the energy consumption of the network compared to the classic Proof of work, without sacrificing security.

Q7. Alephium stateful UTXO model combines the programability of the account model with the enhanced security benefits of the UTXO model. 

Ans: True

Q8. How do Alephium’s virtual machine and smart contract language improve smart contract and dApp development?

Ans: All of the above

Q9. What can developers build using Alephium’s Web3 SDK?

Ans: All of the above

Q10. What was the name of Alephium’s recent Network Upgrade?

Ans: Leman Upgrade


The Bitmart ALPH Learn to Earn Quiz is a creative way to teach people about cryptocurrencies while also incorporating fun and engaging learning and award systems. It shows that BitMart wants its users to be well-informed and involved in the constantly changing world of digital currencies. By focusing on Alephium (ALPH) and its unique features, this program not only helps people learn more about specific blockchain technologies, but it also gets people interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies in general. 

The quiz gives users two benefits: they can learn useful things and get awards. This makes it a good deal for both experienced traders and people who are new to the crypto area. Adding jobs like using social media and filling out forms makes learning more engaging, which helps BitMart reach its goal of getting people involved in their communities. 

The Learn to Earn program at BitMart, especially the ALPH quiz, shows how educational efforts in the crypto business can improve user experience and information. These kinds of programs are very important in a world where keeping informed and up-to-date is important for figuring out how to trade in and use cryptocurrency.

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