Bitget Launchpad Learn and Earn Quiz Answer: Bitget x Haloworld (HALO) Launchpad

 Bitget Launchpad Learn and Earn Quiz Answer: Bitget x Haloworld (HALO) Launchpad

Reward Pool: 20,000 USDT 

Event Period: Feb 28 10:00(UTC)- Mar 5 10:00(UTC)

How To Participate:

1. Create / Log in Bitget account

2. Open Quiz form

3. enter your email id

4. enter your Bitget exchange UID

Bitget Launchpad Learn and Earn Quiz Answer

Q. What is Haloworld (HALO)?

Ans: A metaverse VR game

Q. What is the main benefit of using Bitget Launchpad?

Ans: Early access to the new brightest tokens

Q. For the Haloworld (HALO) Launchpad, you don’t need to hold any BGBs in advance, you may start stacking up BGBs later in the exchange period.

Ans: True

Q. To enroll in Bitget Launchpad, what do you have to prepare in advance

Ans: KYC verification

Q. Which of the following statements is the correct definition of Holding Amount/Snapshot Amount?

Ans: All equivalent assets of your Spot and Futures account (excluding assets in Earn, Launchpool, Margin, and P2P account)

Q. Steve holds 500 USDT in the Spot account, 500 USDT in the Futures account, and 1,000 USDT in the P2P account. How many tickets will Steve get?

Ans: 2

Q. What is the maximum number of tickets available per user?

Ans: 15

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