Bitbns Exchange Klaytn Learn and Earn Quiz Answer

The Bitbns Klaytn Quiz is a one-of-a-kind way to learn about cryptocurrencies and get people involved. As digital currencies continue to change the way we handle our money, sites like Bitbns not only let people trade, but they also teach them about the ins and outs of blockchain technology. This guide goes into great depth about the Bitbns Klaytn Quiz, giving tips, strategies, and full answers to help people do well.

What is Bitbns? 

A big player in the bitcoin market, Bitbns, has helped make digital currency more accessible to people in India. Bitbns was created with the goal of making crypto trading easier. It has since grown its services to include training programs like the Klaytn Quiz.

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1. Open kijiye Bitbns Exchange ko & home page banner par click kare.

2. Agale page per scroll down karke niche jaye, then Link to Quiz par click kare.

3. Uske baad apna bitbns Exchange registered email ID dale.

4. Apna email check kare fir visit Klaytn Learn and Earn par click kare.

5. Uske bad get started par click krke Bitbns UId & Apna Area Pin code Dale.

6. Then Quiz ko Start kare, Quiz ka ans 7 minut me complete karna hoga.

Bitbns Klaytn Quiz Answer:- 

Q1) KLAYTN is developed by which internet company?

Answer: Kakao

Q2) Which of the following are Klaytn’s partners?

Answer: Wemade Tree, Hint Chain, Cloudbric

Q3) Which of the following does Klaytn’s Mainnet offer?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) What is the block generation time & time to finality for Klaytn blockchain?

Answer: 1 second & immediate finality

Q5) What is not part of the Klaytn Grant ecosystem?

Answer: Klaytn Improvement Proposals (KIPs)

Q6 Which of these is not part of Klaytn’s primary infrastructure?

Answer: NFT Marketplaces & DEX and DeFi

Q7) What’s the total supply of KLAY tokens?

Answer: Infinity

Q8) Which Bitbns risk free feature/tool can offer you guaranteed returns upto 30% on your KLAY’s holdings?*

Answer:-fixed Deposit

Q9) How would you buy KLAY tokens without having to pay 1% TDS in India?

Answer:-Buying KLAY with BNS (KLAY/BNS)


It’s not just a game; the Bitbns Klaytn Quiz helps you learn about the constantly changing world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Users who take this quiz not only have a chance to win prizes, but they also learn useful things that make the crypto community stronger and more involved.

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