Binance X Trust Wallet Learn And Earn quiz Answer | first 38,000 User Win Free 1 ARB

Binance Learn and Earn is a cutting-edge initiative designed to educate individuals on different aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency, while also providing them with the opportunity to accumulate digital assets. The program provides a wide range of informative materials, including articles, videos, and quizzes, covering topics such as cryptocurrency trading, mining, and investment strategies. Binance Learn and Earn presents a distinctive chance for users to expand their knowledge in the field of blockchain and crypto, while simultaneously expanding their digital asset holdings.


By participating in the “Binance x Trust Wallet” Learn and Earn, you can challenge your understanding and potentially earn attractive rewards. This quiz serves as an excellent platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to augment their knowledge while earning rewards. Upon successfully completing the quiz, you will be entitled to receive 1 ARB  Reward


The first 38,000 new Trust Wallet users who successfully complete this quiz will qualify to each receive a reward of 1 ARB.

Binance x Trust Wallet Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Reward 1 ARB

Q1. Which of the following best defines Trust Wallet?

Ans: A fast and secure multi-crypto wallet with a Web3 browser for interacting with decentralized applications (DApps).

Q2. What type of DeFi Wallet is Trust Wallet?

Ans: Both mobile and desktop

Q3.Trust Wallet is a self custodial wallet. What best describes self custodial wallets?

Ans: A wallet in which the user has full control over their assets

Q4.Which of the following measures does Trust Wallet take to ensure user security?

Ans: Retaining user private keys locally on their device and supporting optional passphrase encryption.

Q5.What benefit does Binance Pay’s integration with Trust Wallet offer for users when transferring crypto between Binance and Trust Wallet? (Consider the applicable fees during transfers. Learn more here.)

Ans: It simplifies the process by automatically prefilling the user’s on-chain address and network.


Binance Learn and Earn quiz is an excellent platform for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and earn rewards in the cryptocurrency world. The “Binance X Trust Wallet” quiz is a great way to test your understanding of crypto and potentially win rewards. Participating in such quizzes can help individuals stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the crypto world.

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