Binance STG Learn And Trade Quiz Answer

Binance started a deal called “Learn & Trade STG to Share $75,000 in Rewards.” From September 6, 2022, to September 13, 2022, this deal was going on. The goal of the effort was to get people to trade and learn more about the STG token.


Event Date:-  06 Sep- 13 Sep 2022

Start Time:- 08:30pm (IST)

All Binance KYC User’s Event.

Binance Exchange:-

Binance Registration      Click Here


1. Binance Exchange Open karke Home Page Par STG Learn And Trade Banner Par Click Kare.

2. Uske Bad Learn STG Now Par Click Kare.

3. Uske Baad Sabhi Quiz Ka Answer Dijiye.

Binance STG Learn And Trade Quiz Answers

Q1) Which chain(s) does Stargate currently support for ETH transfer?

Answer:- All of the above

Q2) Which algorithm does Stargate use to solve the bridge trilemma?

Answer:- Delta Algorithm

Q3) Which of the following statements is NOT one of the main characteristics of Stargate?

Answer:- Wrapped Assets: You will get wrapped assets on the destination chain when you perform a transfer and you can redeem your wrapped assets with an additional swap.

Q4) Which of the following statements is NOT true if you transfer tokens on

Answer:- You need more than one transaction to complete a native asset swap on Stargate.

Q5) Stargate supports liquidity withdrawal from a remote chain different from the original chain where deposit occurs. If you deposit USDC on Polygon, which of the following options would be possible for you to receive your assets when you remove liquidity?

Answer:- All of the above

Q6) Which of the following statements is NOT true about Stargate DAO governance?

Answer:- OveSTG is the unit of Stargate governance voting power. It is received by staking locked Stargate tokens and is non-transferable.

Q7) Which of the following statements is NOT true about rewards on Stargate?

Answer:- If there are no STG emissions on a certain chain, liquidity providers on that chain don’t have rewards.

Q8) Stargate is an omnichain liquidity transfer layer. dApps can integrate with Stargate easily. What kind of applications can be built on top of Stargate?

Answer:- All of the abov

4. Uske Bad Trade Par Jakar STG/USDT pair Me Market Par $500 Ka Trading           Valuem Complete Kare.

   Done ✅


Final Thoughts The Binance STG Learn and Trade Quiz is a great example of how cryptocurrency platforms are coming up with new ways to teach and reward users. This project not only pushes users to learn more about certain cryptocurrencies, like STG, but it also gives them the chance to win prizes, which makes them more interested in the crypto market. These kinds of educational efforts are very important in the world of cryptocurrencies, which is changing very quickly. They help the average user understand complicated ideas and technologies, which makes the community of crypto fans smarter and more informed.

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