Binance Staying Safe and Secure in Crypto Webinar Quiz Answer – $30,000 in BUSD prizes

Binance, one of the biggest names in cryptocurrencies, is giving away an important learning tool called the “Staying Safe and Secure in Crypto Webinar.” The goal of this event is to give people the information and tools they need to safely use cryptocurrency.

Binance Staying Safe and Secure in Crypto Webinar Quiz Answer – $30,000 in BUSD prizes

Price Pool – $30,000 in BUSD

Time:- 28 Dec 2022, 18:00 UTC

When will the prizes be distributed?

Each participant who correctly answers 12 or more questions will be eligible for an equal portion of the $30,000 BUSD prize pool. All eligible participants will receive their rewards within 14 days of the quiz being closed.

Deadlines:- The deadline to complete the quiz is January 1, 2023, 18:00 UTC. Any entries submitted after this time won’t be considered for the prize pool.

How To Participate:-

1. open google form

2. Submit Email id & Binance UID

3. Submit Quiz Answer 

Google Form :- Click Here

Binance Staying Safe and Secure in Crypto Webinar Quiz Answer

Q1. Is KYC a regulatory requirement for Financial Service Providers?

Ans;- Yes

Q2.  What is the purpose of KYC 

Ans:- All of the above

Q3. What are 2 benefits of KYC?

Ans:-  –It improves the trust, security, and accountability of financial service providers. This reputation has a knock-on effect on the financial industry as a whole and can encourage investment

–It combats identity theft and other types of financial fraud

Q4. What’s the safest device to store your crypto?

Ans:-  Hardware wallet

Q5. What does a hardware wallet store?

Ans:-  Your Private Key

Q6. What does good password management involve? (Tick 3)

Ans:- — Using a password manager

–Using different password

–Changing passwords regularly

Q7. What can malware do?

Ans:- All of the above

Q8. Which of the below are types of malware?

Ans:- All of the above

Q9. What’s a good way to prevent malware?

Ans:-  Install anti-virus

Q10. If somebody you don’t know sends you an email asking if you want to make $100,000 risk-free and sends a PDF attachment in the email, what do you do

Ans:-  Do not open the attachment and block emails from the sender

Q11. You see a post online saying a certain coin is going to a 100x. What should do you do next?

Ans:-  Find out the essential information about the project, such as the white paper, tokenomics, partnerships, roadmap, community, and other fundamentals then come to your own conclusion

Q12. You get an email from a partner at an investment firm return who can guarantee to 10x your money. He has a website in his email signature with loads of testimonials so it looks legit, but it sounds too good to be true. What is the next best step?

Ans:-  Ignore the email and block the sender

Q13. From a security point of view, why is it important to protect your phone number?

Ans:-  Both of the above

Q14. What is the term for when a project distributes an allocation of its tokens to the public?

Ans:-  ICO

Q15.  What is Binance doing to help mitigate scams?

Ans:-  All of the above

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Finally, Binance’s attention to safety through the “Staying Safe and Secure in Crypto Webinar” shows that it wants to make the cryptocurrency community safer and smarter.

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