Binance Pay Learn & Earn Quiz Answer : Participate in our Quiz & claim a share of $1000 BUSD reward vouchers

The Learn & Earn Quiz on Binance Pay is a one-of-a-kind way to learn about cryptocurrencies. This program is part of Binance’s larger plan to teach and reward users for learning about the different uses of digital currency.

Reward Pool: $1000 BUSD reward vouchers

Winners: 100 winners.

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Binance Pay Learn & Earn Quiz Answer

Q1. With Binance Pay, you can

Ans:- All are correct

Q2. On Binance Pay, you can change your preferred cryptocurrency payment order for a transaction during your payment checkout.

Ans:- True

Q3. Binance Pay supports over

Ans:- None of the above

Q4. How much is the transaction fee for Binance Pay?

Ans:- No fees


Finally, the Binance Pay Learn & Earn Quiz is a creative way for Binance to combine learning with earning, with the goal of helping users become better at using cryptocurrencies and Binance Pay.

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