Binance Learn & Trade : Complete Tasks to Share $100,000 in KAVA, XTZ, SAND & HFT Token Quiz answer

Binance, a giant in the cryptocurrency exchange market, launches “Learn & Trade,” a new program that teaches users about the ins and outs of dealing while also giving them real-life trading chances.

Binance Learn & Trade : Complete Tasks to Share $100,000 in KAVA, XTZ, SAND & HFT Token Quiz answers

Event Date:- 2022-12-05 07:00 to 2022-12-18 23:59 (UTC)

Price Pool:- $100,000

Reward Distribution:- 14 Days

Event details:-  Click Here

How To Participate:- 

Follow All Screenshot

1. Open binance account & click more option

2. Click Activities

3. Click Explore the latest activities

4. click learn & trade events register now

6. Click Register Now

7. Open quiz & submit quiz answer


1. Click Register Now Button

2. Submit Quiz Answer

3. Compete $500 Spot Trading Valume (Buy/sell)


Binance Learn & Trade  KAVA, XTZ, SAND & HFT Token Quiz answer

Q1. What is Kava?

Ans:-An interoperable Layer 1 with EVM optimized for protocol growth

Q2. How is Kava optimized for protocol growth?

Ans:-By being an interoperable Cosmos-Ethereum EVM with streamlined developer resources

Q3. What is the Tezos blockchain known for?

Ans:-All of the above

Q4. The upcoming Lima upgrade will be which number upgrade for the Tezos blockchain?


Q5. How many Alpha Seasons did The Sandbox host during the year 2022?


Q6. What was the first avatar collection that The sandbox released?

Ans:-The Doggies

Q7. What is unique about trades on Hashflow?

Ans:-All of the above

Q8. How do I start trading on Hashflow?

Ans:-Connect your wallet


Finally, Binance Learn & Trade is a revolutionary program that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world trading skills in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is an important tool for anyone who wants to learn the art of crypto trading.

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