Binance Learn And Earn BNB & BUSD Quiz Answer

Binance, a giant in the world of cryptocurrencies, has started the Learn and Earn BNB & BUSD Quiz, which is both fun and educational. This project is meant to teach people about Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD), and it also lets them make money by taking quizzes.

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Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answer:-

Q1. What is the name of the BUSD-pegged token Binance offers on BNB chain and other chains?

Answer: Binance-peg BUSD

Q2. What is the total supply of BUSD?

Answer: Just over 22 billion

Q3. Which chain is BUSD minted on by Paxos?

Answer: Ethereum

Q4. Who regulates BUSD?

Answer: NYDFS (New York Department of Financial Services)

Q5. Who mints BUSD?

Answer: Paxos

Q6. What fiat currency is BUSD pegged to?

Answer: U.S. Dollar

Q7. BUSD is backed 1:1 with:

Answer: Cash reserves

Q8. How can you purchase BUSD or Binance-Peg BUSD?

Answer: All are correct

Q9. What can BUSD be used for?

Answer: All are correct

Q10. Which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

Answer: BUSD doesn’t provide a monthly basis attestation report.

Binance BNB Quiz Answer

Q1. BEP-2 BNB is the native coin of Ethereum. True or false?

Answer: False

Q2. What use cases does BNB have?

Answer: All are correct

Q3. Which token standards exist for BNB?

Answer: All are correct

Q4. Owning BNB provides you with a share of Binance’s profits.

Answer: False

Q5. Which token standards exist for BNB?

Answer: All are correct

Q6. BNB was originally issued as a:

Answer: ERC-20 token on Ethereum

Q7. What was BNB’s initial sale price during its distribution?

Answer: 1 ETH for 2700 BNB and 1 BTC for 20,000 BNB

Q8. BNB launched through an initial game offering (IGO) in 2017?

Answer: False

Q9. What is the total supply of BNB?

Answer: 200 million BNB


Finally, the “Binance Learn And Earn BNB & BUSD Quiz Answer” program not only improves crypto literacy but also gives people a unique chance to make money while they learn. This makes it a great program for both new and experienced cryptocurrency users.

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