Binance Gift Card: Learn & Earn Quiz Answer

This is the “Learn & Earn Quiz” for the Binance Gift Card. The Binance platform is a leader in the coin trading business. The goal of this project is to teach people and give them a chance to get benefits from their learning.

Binance Gift Card: Learn & Earn Quiz Answer

Price Pool:- $1000 BUSD

Winner 100 Random Winner

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Binance Gift Card: Learn & Earn Quiz Answer

Q1. With Binance Gift Card, you can:

Ans:- All are correct

Q2. Can Non-Binance users claim their Gift cards without signing up for an account?

Ans:- False

Q3. Physical Binance Gift Cards support over

Ans:- 270+ cryptocurrencies

Q4. Which of these statements is NOT true about Physical Binance gift cards?

Ans:- Recipients CANNOT redeem Physical Binance gift cards without extra fees


Finally, the “Binance Gift Card: Learn & Earn Quiz Answer” program shows that Binance wants to build a community of users who are informed and interested. This mix of teaching and rewards gives users a one-of-a-kind chance to learn more about what Binance has to offer.

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