Binance DOT Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

By taking part in the Binance Learn and Earn quiz, You Can Test Your Knowledg And Potentially Earn Rewards.Take quizes to earn money

Binance Learn And Earn

Binance’s Learn and Earn initiative aims to enrich users’ understanding of blockchain technology, trading tactics, cryptocurrencies, and other valuable educational material. By participating in quizzes and assessments, users can not only improve their knowledge but also receive rewards on the Binance platform as they learn. This program is a unique opportunity for users to benefit from educational resources and earn rewards simultaneously.

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Binance DOT Learn And Earn Quiz Answer

Q1.Which of the following is a founder of Polkadot?

Ans:- Gavin Wood

Q2. Which of the following are use cases that Polkadot supports?

Ans:- All of the options

Q3. Polkadot developers who need more functionality and scalability should build:

Ans:- A custom blockchain

Q4. What term did Polkadot’s founder coin?

Ans:- Web 3.0

Q5. Which limitations of bridges does Polkadot address?

Ans:- They have limited functionality and security flaws

Q6. What does interoperability mean on Polkadot?

Ans:- Apps and services can securely communicate across blockchains

Q7. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of building a custom blockchain on Polkadot?

Ans:- Built-in AI features

Q8. What is the mission of Polkadot?

Ans:- To power the movement for a better web

Q9. Which stage companies does Polkadot support?

Ans:- All of the options

Q10. What is blockspace?

Ans:- The core product of blockchains


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