Binance learn & earn course for eligible Binance users

By taking part in the Binance Learn and Earn quiz, You Can Test Your Knowledg And Potentially Earn Rewards.Take quizes to earn money

Binance Learn And Earn

Binance’s Learn and Earn initiative aims to enrich users’ understanding of blockchain technology, trading tactics, cryptocurrencies, and other valuable educational material. By participating in quizzes and assessments, users can not only improve their knowledge but also receive rewards on the Binance platform as they learn. This program is a unique opportunity for users to benefit from educational resources and earn rewards simultaneously.


1. Open Binance Exchange And Search In Search Bar “learn & earn”

2. Click on start learning

3. Follow screenshot for further

This quiz and reward is only for users who had no staking record before. Reward is 0.50 DEXE token The reward for this quiz will automatically go into staking and will be locked for 150 days.


What is the role of these experts?

To improve decision-making

What are the benefits of delegating to experts?

Better decision-making and rewards multipliers

What delegation system is proposed on the DeXe DAO Studio?

Experts and subDAOS Delegation

What is the DeXe Protocol?

Infrastructure for creating and governing DAOS

Who are the Experts?

People or DAOS whose competency and expertise DAO members trust

Which three DAO Voting Systems does the DeXe DAO Studio offer?

Meritocratic, Linear, Custom

What is the utility of the DEXE token?

Governs DeXe Protocol DAO

What is the DeXe DAO Studio?

An advanced platform for creating and governing DAOS in one place

How many smart contracts does the DeXe Protocol contain?


How are rewards distributed to the DAO community?

To everyone who creating proposals and voting


Binance Academy learn and earn courses to increase their knowledge about trading and cryptocurrencies. This can lead to more informed decisions and potentially increase their profitability. Overall, it is a great opportunity for users to educate themselves and participate in the crypto space

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